Case Studies

Business sale transaction error recovered $5847.87 for client

Case: Client sold a business unit (Dunkin Store) and the closing statement was recorded by purchaser and seller, franchisor charged extra $5847.87 for franchisee fees.

Solution: When Hybrid Team was recording closing statement for sale, reconciliations found out that Client got charged extra and with the help of reconciliation.

Outcome: Client got a check of $5847.87 as refund.




Client paying for services which were not required for his businesses

Case: Client owns more than 70 businesses we helped him to save more than $40000 in accounts payable after removing unwanted services.

Solution: Hybrid took accounts payable management and we went through all bills and streamlined all bills and services for client’s businesses. Unwanted Fax lines, phone lines, Internet or cable services at Businesses we studied in detail and changed as uniform for all brand of restaurants.

Outcome: Client has reduced bills and paid for the services he was using and saved him more than $40000 per year for all businesses.

Reduced Bills


Accounts Payable

Restaurant cash reconciliations and monitoring

Case: Restaurant client didn’t has any monitoring for cash sales and was losing money.

Solution: When client approached Hybrid, we helped him with our expert team to get on the reconciliations and prepared and devised a daily reconciliation report “Cash verification report” where every day cash deposited is reconciled and verified with the bank and POS.

This helped him more cash deposits and less thefts. Also, now there is proper delegation of responsibility.

Result: Client had more cash flow and greater control on business deposits.

Reduced Bills


Reconciliations & prepared

Identifying credit card deposit error $1574

Case: Credit card deposits missing and short deposits.

Solution: Hotel owner Client didn’t knew about the missing credit card deposit as usually people believe that once credit is processed they get deposits in bank but what about if any batch which is not processed.

When Hybrid did the credit card deposits reconciliation with POS and Bank we found that some deposits are missing and after verification client got the money.

Result: Client got the money which was missed anyway as an additional Income of $1574.



Credit Card Deposit Reconciliation

Future thefts prevented and alertness across operations

Case: Gas Station and Restaurant client had small cash shortage and missing deposit.

Solution: Client is a multi-business unit owner and when Hybrid Team took over the accounting and reporting work we alerted client for these small differences which owner investigated, and he found that the manager who was working there has been working there for years has been stealing small amounts. The manager was arrested for embezzling over $11000 and another one in another store for over $5000.

We also helped client to produce Insurance claim proof which helped to get a check from insurance company.

Result: Client got the employees arrested for stealing and got a new environment to prevent future thefts along with a loss check from insurance company.

Insurance Claim



Hybrid accounting & accounts receivable team resulted in missed collection of over $1000

Case: Client had several gas stations and there are very different types of income a gas station have like

  1. 1. Gas sale
  2. 2. Convenience Store inside sales
  3. 3. ATM commission
  4. 4. Money-order/Money-Gram commission
  5. 5. Cigarettes rebate
  6. 6. And many other rebates and coupon incomes.

Since some of the incomes are small they go unnoticed and missed in collection.

Client had checks which were not deposited or lost in transit and some of them where not sent out.

Solution: Our accounting and reconciliation team notified client. We reconcile with the vendor/customer statements and that’s is the correct way to track all receivables and payables.

Result: Client got additional income and never missed any income again by having us.

Missed Collection


Accounts Receivable

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